We’ve discovered the perfect candy for your Easter egg this year!

What's in your dream Easter egg?

For us the answer is simple - a LES BONBONS!!
The design, the stones, the colors, the sparkle, the quality - we love everything about this collection. Les Bonbons is a playful series of rings focusing on personal style and colorful symmetry. Whatever colorful gemstone you might dream of, we have it! 

Most of the pieces are one of a kind and that is exactly how we want you to feel when wearing them – like ONE OF A KIND! Let’s move away from looking the same, wearing the same and being the same as everyone else. Be you and let it show with jewelry that you have handpicked and that no one else has.

Click on the links to our exciting collections of Les Bonbons and pick the piece that speaks to you! You can also visit our shops in Stockholm and Malmö or chat with us online and we can help you find the perfect fit!

At Caroline Hjerpe we think a little bit of attitude goes a long way. And a lot of attitude? Well, that's a game-changer. We love women with attitude, and women with attitude love our jewelry! Be confident that your ring is unique and made with lots of love and care – and that it will last always!

Happy Easter from the Caroline Hjerpe team ♡

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The ring is so pretty! Together with my Les Triples! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best,

Ringen är SÅ FIN! Och ihop med min Les Triples! 🥰🥰😍😍😍💛 TACK för allt! BÄSTA ni!!

Abbygail Roth