Jewelry Care Guide

Everything you'll find in our shop is real, solid 18k gold or sterling silver are paired with precious gemstones or diamonds that not only look amazing but are made to last forever. Our pieces are created to be passed on to the next generation, to being loved again over and over! 

So how do you take care of your new life long friend? Here Caroline shows you how to keep your pure gold pieces sparkling new, like the day we shipped them to you! 


Our pure and solid materials will, with good care and common sense, last a lifetime. There are no limits on how you can use our jewelry in your daily life - you can shower, work out and do almost all your shores wearing them!
Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to ask us on how you should take care of your specific gemstone as some should be cared of differently.

jewelry care 

Follow this guide every now and then to keep your jewelry extra sparkly! 

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The ring is so pretty! Together with my Les Triples! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best,

Ringen är SÅ FIN! Och ihop med min Les Triples! 🥰🥰😍😍😍💛 TACK för allt! BÄSTA ni!!

Abbygail Roth