How to figure out my ring size?

Have you found the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one but don't know how to figure out the right size? Don't worry - We're happy to offer you our ring sizer kit and guide you through it step-by-step. ✨

Once you've decided on which of our rings you'd like to go with, instead of picking a size, choose the ¨I need a ring sizer kit¨ among the size options. We will then mail you the free size kit right away so your ring will be the perfect fit. 

 Buying for your self?

- Start with deciding on which finger you want to wear the ring and keep in mind that cold weather might make your fingers smaller and warm weather might make them more swollen than usual. It's better to measure when you feel ¨neutral¨ or a little warm - this will be your most average size.  

- Pay attention that all fingers have individual sizes. If a ring fits perfectly on your right ring finger it doesn't mean that it goes as well on your left ring finger. 

- Wrap the sizer around your finger and put the tip into the ¨loop¨, tighten it closely around the finger right where you'd want the ring to be placed. 

- Keep in mind that you want to be able to slide the sizer on and off your finger but with a little bit of a struggle over your knuckles - since this often is the biggest part of the finger. 

- The number you get when you tried this a few times during the day is the same as your finger's circumference in millimeters. Send us a email at with that number and we will start crafting your ring! 

If you already have a ring at home that fits you perfectly you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the ring. Our sizes are the same as the rings diameter in mm, so if you measure 17mm you should go for size 17.
This is also the best way to figure out the size for someone else without spoiling the surprise.
Borrow a ring from them and measure the diameter, or if possible bring the ring to us and we will help you measure! 
If you can't find a ring to borrow, try with comparing your own fingers with theirs and see if it gives you any clues. This is of course not the best way to do it, but the more information we get the more likely is the ring to fit. You could also try asking a friend or a family member, as they might know which size to go with!

 What if my ring size turns out to be wrong? No worries, we can of course fix this for you afterwards. Please note in some cases we might charge a small fee for resizing your ring. Contact us at and we will help you. 

Do you know your ring size in other measurements than the one we use? We know them all, contact us and we will help you convert it.

Would you like to get a size kit without ordering a ring, you'll find it here 

Questions? We are happy to help! 

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The ring is so pretty! Together with my Les Triples! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best,

Ringen är SÅ FIN! Och ihop med min Les Triples! 🥰🥰😍😍😍💛 TACK för allt! BÄSTA ni!!

Abbygail Roth