Discover the magic of our Exclusive Sapphires!

Hello Sparkle Lovers! We're absolutely obsessed with sapphires – did you know they come in nearly every color of the rainbow? 🌈

We're not just proud but thrilled to unveil our extensive collection of these dazzling gems. Introducing Exclusive Sapphires, where each one is meticulously selected for its exceptional qualities and comes with a rare certificate of authenticity. These sapphires are all natural, unheated and untreated, making them incredibly rare – only 2-3% of sapphires worldwide are sold in their pure state.
In the gem world, almost every sapphire on the market has been heat-treated to intensify its hues and eliminate natural imperfections. While this can enhance their beauty, our untreated sapphires truly stand out. They maintain their original, unaltered appearance, showcasing the true artistry of nature!

Here at Caroline Hjerpe, we value the individual beauty of every stone. Within this collection, you'll discover exclusively one-of-a-kind pieces! Sapphires symbolize enduring love, making them perfect for wedding or engagement rings—just as rare and special as your loved one!
Craft your unique love story with a sapphire that reflects your relationship or why not just celebrate yourself with a gem like no other - Whether you prefer deep blues, vibrant pinks, or sunny yellows, these gems offer endless possibilities to capture your dream colors. 

Explore our exclusive sapphire collection and find the gem that resonates with your heart. If you have specific preferences not listed on our webshop, reach out to us – we're here to help you discover the perfect gem!

Curious to learn more about sapphires? Dive into their world in our previous sapphire post or explore our gem sourcing journey!



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The ring is so pretty! Together with my Les Triples! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best,

Ringen är SÅ FIN! Och ihop med min Les Triples! 🥰🥰😍😍😍💛 TACK för allt! BÄSTA ni!!

Abbygail Roth