CHANGING ATTITUDES - det går visst

590 kr

A stunning Marc bracelet - with or without a clasp on the back - made in collaboration with Nina Rung to support organizations working against sexual abuse. With this particular bracelet, we are supporting the organization CHANGING ATTITUDES.

Changing Attitudes exists to eliminate all attitudes leading to sex-buying. With education in schools, at events and in media they are challenging all harmful norms and unequal, sexist attitudes produced by porn, leading to sex-buying. 

150 sek of the purchase goes directly to Changing Attitudes. The first organization we supported with this bracelet was - which we finished having donated 39.300 sek. 


“‘Det går visst!’ - ett citat som kom att genomsyra straffrättsprofessor Madeleine Leijonhufvuds livsgärning. Hon blev den första kvinnan i Skandinavien som doktorerade i straffrätt. Hon kämpade för att kriminalisera barnpornografi med opinionen emot sig, hon kämpade för en kriminalisering av sexköp och hon kämpade för en samtyckeslag under en tid där många menade att det var omöjligt. Nu är samtyckeslagen ett faktum. Liksom kriminalisering av både sexköp och barnpornografi. För mig har orden också gett styrka när någon annan säger att det är för svårt eller inte går. Eller när jag själv inte tror att det ska gå. Det går visst!

För att hedra minnet av Madeleines arbete och som 2018 års pristagare av FATTA:s instiftade Madeleine Leijonhufvud-pris så ville jag på något sätt ge tillbaka. 2018 skänktes pengarna till just FATTA som kämpat på för att alla ska just fatta att samtycke är allt. Och 2019 skänks nu pengarna till Changing Attitudes. 150 kronor av varje sålt smycke går direkt till Changing Attitudes. Vi kan förändra normer mot sexuellt våld, för samtycke och mot sexköp. Det går visst!"

- Nina Rung



This one is available in three different sizes, 13cm (Small), 15cm (Medium) and 17cm (Large) if open back, and 15cm (Small), 17cm (Medium) and 19cm (Large) with clasp. To measure - please measure your wrist and pick the size that is the closest one. For example, if my wrist is 16cm, I would pick size medium in the open back version, as would I if my wrist would be 15cm. With clasp - I would pick 17cm if my wrist is 16cm as so on. 

Once you have found the perfect ring and want to order it, please write in the special instructions that you need a ring sizer to be mailed to you. In a few days, you'll receive a sizer in the mail from us with instructions on how to use it. Once we hear back from you on the measurement, we'll begin to make your ring! If you want to buy the sizer separately, you can get it here.

This process allows us to be as accurate as possible, which is important because not all rings are easy to resize once they're made.

Note** If you get a size from your local jewelry shop that doesn't seem to align with our measurements, please translate from the international guide below. 

If the size turns out to be wrong, we can fix this for you. Please note that we might take a fee of 200 SEK for resizing your ring. 


Send your ring back to us, 

Caroline Hjerpe - Åsögatan 132 - 11624 Stockholm - Sweden

Purchase the item "shipping" online so that we can send it back to you, as the return would be a charge of 59 SEK. 

If you have any questions about sizing - please email us at

Caroline Hjerpe Ring Measurements

Our shipping time is around 3-5 weeks for most products, since they are all handmade on order.

Some products will be shipped faster but this is not anything we can guarantee. 

We offer a 14 days return if you are not happy with your product and you can also exchange your product due to size, we offer one time re size on us, the customer only has to pay the shipping (59 SEK / 6 EUR / 5 GBP). 

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