We are looking forward to custom making your new bracelet here in Stockholm.
To measure - please measure your wrist and pick the size that is the closest one. For example, if my wrist is 15cm I would pick size S.

Wrist measurement

Your Size 
14cm  XS
15-16cm  S
17cm M
20cm  XL

What if my bracelet size turns out to be wrong? If the bracelet size turns out to be wrong, we can fix this for you. Please note in some cases we might charge a small fee for resizing your bracelet. 

Where shall I send back my bracelet to you for sizing adjustments? Caroline Hjerpe, Åsögatan 132, 11624, Stockholm, Sweden

You will then need to purchase extra shipping here for 69kr. So that we can send it back to you. If you have any further questions about sizing you can always email us at: hello@carolinehjerpe.se