Size chart

To find out your size the best way is to go to a jewelry shop near by, asking them to help you figure out your size. This is the absolute best way and will give you the most accurate measure of your finger. 

If you do not have a possibility to stop by any shop, please use our guide below. 

Find a ring that fits the finger you would like to measure. Put the ring on a white piece of paper - drawing a circle on the inside of the ring. This is the best way to find out the inner diameter of the ring. 

Measure the diameter of the ring you just drew on the paper. In the example below, the innerdiameter would be 1,7cm, 17mm. In this case, the size you should choose is 17. 

Please note carefully - if the diameter would be 1,725cm (17,25mm) the size would be 17,25 - and this could be hard to measure, since the differences are very small - but would make a difference on your finger. 



If you get a number or letter from your jewelry shop that doesn't fit our inner diameter measurement, please translate from the guide below. 

Caroline Hjerpe Ring Measurements

If the size would be wrong, we can fix this for you. Please note that we might get a fee of 200 SEK for resizing your ring. Send your ring back to us, 

Caroline Hjerpe, Åsögatan 132, 11624 Stockholm, Sweden. 

Also, purchase the item "shipping" online so that we can send it back to you, as the return would be a charge of 49 SEK. 

If you have any questions about sizing - please email us at