With no formal training, Caroline launched her namesake label in 2014 after at series of happy experiments by her kitchen table. Our jewelry has grown a lot since then, but the importance of handmade and imperfect still is what hold it all together. 

In a world obsessed with perfection, driven by mass consumption and fueled by over production, we’re proud to stand out. Each of our pieces is handcrafted with love and left to show its individuality. It’s the subtle imperfections that make each and every piece we create so individual and so perfect – just like the women who wear them.

Our collection is truly transitional, possible to stack and to create a personal look. We make jewelry for strong women – women who dare to be seen, dare to laugh, dare to live and dare to love. And most of all – they dare to be themselves, whatever that may be. They dare. To shine!

Every piece is handmade in our studio-cum-boutique in Stockholm. 

If you have any questions about the jewelry, sizing issues or if you just want to say hello – feel free to reach out and send us an email at hello@carolinehjerpe.se.