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It's time for another ENGAGEMENT STORIES post - you know that we love when you tell us about your proposal and engagements! You inspire us to share the longer versions of your sweet tales and how the Caroline Hjerpe rings have made it from our bench to your fingers. Today's beautiful engagement story is told by two girls sharing the same name : Emelie and Emelie ♡

¨ We met on tinder (sometimes it works;) ), We’re actually from the same small town, but for some reason our paths never crossed before even though we're the same age. After some chatting we decided to meet up in Malmö where one of us, Emelie K, lived at the time and the date went so well we didn't finish it until the day after.
After that date, for me, Emelie N, it was like the world turned grey when we weren't together. Everything about her felt alive and colorful and she made me feel like I found my place to be - which was exactly the feelings I was searching for.
Everything just fell into place, her eyes felt so familiar and I could stare into them forever, trying to figure out how they could feel so much like home. I fell for her right away and I had no idea that love like that even existed before I met Emelie.

Early in our relationship she showed me some rings from Caroline Hjerpe and I fell in love with the brand, just like Emelie had a while ago. So when we later mutually decided to get engaged the choice was easy, our engagement rings should be from Caroline Hjerpe!

We visited the shop in Malmö (very nervous and giggly) to try out some pieces. I had already laid my eyes on a ring from the Les Fleurs collection in the web shop that I felt would be the perfect one for Emelie and when we saw it in real life we knew it was the one. I also found the perfect one for me ( a Morganite Les Grands ring) - so there was nothing else to think about!

We had talked about getting engaged for a while and since we bought the rings together there was no surprise proposal from either of us. After we placed the order in the shop and waited a few weeks for them to be finished, I felt like I wanted to arrange something special for Emelie and it eventually ended up as a surprise proposal any way - I asked the team to engrave the rings and to only contact me once they were ready for pick up!
And your team was so sweet. You even sent Emelie a fake sorry text saying that the delivery time was expected to be a bit longer than usual - which wasn’t true since I already secretly picked them up myself.

After picking up the rings I was nervous for days and felt like it got even worse thinking of how, where and when I should pop the question. So I decided to just do it!
One evening when we went out for dinner I hid the rings in my ¨snusdosa¨ (a small box filled with swedish tobacco), since she always forgets her own. But of course, this evening she had hers with her. Leaving the restaurant I asked her if she wanted some of my ¨snus¨ but she said no, so I resisted and asked her again while opening the box and popping the question. My heart nervously starts beating again just from writing about this moment!!
Everything was just perfect and it still is! It’s such a special feeling looking at our hands and realizing that we're engaged and the rings make it even better. They are so unique and fit our personalities so well - we love them and we have already decided what Caroline Hjerpe wedding rings we want to match them with when the wedding is coming! ¨


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Thank you for sharing this romantic moment with us!

We love chatting with all of you and hear about your proposal moments - big or small! Do you have a story including our rings that you want to share with us? Reach out at hello@carolinehjerpe.se 

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The ring is so pretty! Together with my Les Triples! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best,

Ringen är SÅ FIN! Och ihop med min Les Triples! 🥰🥰😍😍😍💛 TACK för allt! BÄSTA ni!!

Abbygail Roth